Welcome to our website, which will give you detailed information about our range of quality wood flooring we can supply directly from our large stocks, for both commercial and domestic use - usually within 5-7 days directly to your home. Laminate and engineered wood flooring, known for their natural elegance, beauty and durability, are excellent examples of interior designer flooring that we offer to our widespread clients. The aesthetics and luxury sense of a hardwood floor, like an old friend it matures with age. Each Hardwood floor is totally individual and can last well over a hundred years - It will inevitably add value not only to the look of your home but its price as well. Each floor is available in various finishes that provide aesthetic and practical comfort, including lacquer, oil, brushed, handscraped, and stain. If you can't find what you're looking for in our online shop give our friendly sales team a call and we'll be sure to help you. Salomon Floors Team.

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Engineered Wood

UA Floors

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Coastal Collection

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European Collection

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  • Madrid Oak
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  • Valanicia Oak

American Collection

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Laminate Flooring

Classic Collection

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  • olive-wood
  • merrit-walnut
  • jatoba
  • copper-chestnut
  • birch

Heritage Collection

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  • Mont-Blanc
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  • sunshine-maple
  • stonehenge
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  • ceramic
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Casablanca Collection

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  • sahara-passion
  • Old-Gold
  • moroccon-oak
  • Casa-Oak
  • Atlas-Grey
  • African-Amber