Designer Select Collection

Designer Select collection is a Hand-Scraped Laminate Flooring can give you the elegant look of hardwood in fabulous way to promote the quality of your place. Floors are an essential factor in value, and hand-scraped flooring is designed to offer a real aged look to the wood. This can be useful to people who wish to bring back an older style or provide a newer place look and a traditional sense!.

Hickory Series

1215 X 165 X 12 mm/Hand scraped/distressed , mold press edge (21.57 sf/box ).

  • Natural-Hickory
  • Gunstock-Hickory
  • Espresso-hickory-

Maple Series

1215 X 145 X 12 mm/Hand scraped, groove edge (18.96 sf/box).

  • River-Acacia
  • Slate-Acacia
  • Noyer-Acacia
  • Natural-Acacia
  • Blonde-Acacia

Acacia Series

1215 X 145 X 12 mm/Hand Scraped , Mold press edge(18.96 sf/box).

  • Sienna-Maple
  • Sienna-Maple